3 Conversations With Strangers That Transformed My Career

What to do when you don’t have the right connections

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

1. David Q. gave me a new idea to pursue with two sentences.

Today, I am an SEO copywriter. Honestly, I don’t think if you had asked me 3 years ago what I would be doing for a living in just 13 months, I would ever imagine that I could say, I’ll be writing full-time. But it happened. And it all started with an email from David.

2. Alex R. gave me my first opportunity.

I had the idea of doing SEO and copywriting (another new word I only recently discovered) for businesses, not just for my blog. But how in the world would I get customers?

3. Aaron D. gave me a lasting opprutnity

I worked with Alex for about 8 months. But to be clear, that work was very sporadic. I only did about 3 projects for him during that time (not all of his clients saw the value in paying a copywriter when they could write their own words for their website cheaper). Still, those 3 gigs helped me build a (very) simple but strong resume.

SEO | Copywriter | Content Creator | Musician | I’m not a dreamer, my brain just vacations in the future. https://www.instagram.com/hikennetheugene/

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