4 Types Of Benefits That Will Turbo Charge Your Copy & Swoon Your Prospects

Ken Reid
6 min readAug 26, 2021
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I believed the lie most copywriters are told.

The lie goes, great copywriting emphasizes benefits over features. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you’re a lousy copywriter.

If your copywriting is primarily infused with benefits, it‘s a sure sign you’re an amateur.

Here’s how I discovered my amateurism about a year ago…

I wrote a few sales pages for a metal building construction company. After interviewing the business owner and doing some research of my own, I had the benefits of building with metal vs. wood or brick memorized:

  • Metal is termite-proof.
  • It’s faster to construct.
  • It’s cheaper to construct.
  • It won’t burn down in a fire.
  • And so on

The problem? These benefits were never going to convince anyone to buy a metal building because the prospects landing on this sales page already knew they wanted to build with metal. That’s why they landed n the page. They didn’t need to be convinced.

When I sent the content to the owner for revisions, he caught this right away.

“Most of the people looking for my services already know why they want a metal building,” he said. “What they need to know is whether I’m the right guy for the job.”

He told me he has built numerous metal buildings on his own property. People hire him because he knows the questions to ask and the things to consider that most people won’t think about when they build.

By the end of that phone call, I had a completely different list of selling points.

My client’s company was the best choice because he had the expertise to help his customers:

  • Place the building in an area where it won’t flood
  • Create proper airflow so the building can withstand the Texas heat
  • Decide which direction to face the building to protect it from the sun
  • Ensure the building is spacious enough to suit the customer’s needs



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