The market isn’t too crowded. There’s room for you at the table.

Ken Reid
2 min readApr 25, 2021
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A border patrol agent has one job — to keep people out. He serves as America’s bouncer, ensuring people who don’t belong here don’t get in.

One of the biggest reasons he has a job is because of scarcity.

Of course, I understand that border patrol agents also protect our borders from dangerous people, and I’m not at all saying we don’t need them. But think about it. One of the biggest reasons we have border patrol is to enforce the belief that there isn’t enough space or resources for everyone.

That’s how we think about the things we’re passionate about.

People often ask questions like:

Is the blogging market too crowded?

Is it too late in the game to start a podcast?

Is social media too saturated to make a real impact?

We fuel scarcity. We believe the lie that there aren’t enough resources; enough people; enough money; enough space for me.

There’s Room For You At The Table.

My kids were arguing at the dinner table the other night about who gets to go first doing whatever it was they were doing — I don’t remember now. My 3yo daughter became frustrated and started to cry. She felt like she wasn’t being heard.

My wife interrupted both of them and said something that hit me in the chest.

“There’s room for everyone at the table. We have enough. You will both have your turn. There’s enough space for you.”

If you’re wondering if it’s too late for you to start doing what you love, there is space for you at the table. Forget about market saturation. The world isn’t too crowded for you to use your gifts. There is room for you. Everyone can get a turn.

If there wasn’t space for you, you’d be dead.

Call me old fashioned or idealistic, but I believe everyone is alive for a purpose. I know there’s space for you, because if there wasn’t, you wouldn’t be here.

You were placed on this planet (I believe by God) to do something great. I’m not saying you’re going to be rich and famous or all your dreams are going to come true. But I’m saying, you’re here to inspire, encourage, and help other people with the gifts you have.

There are people who need to hear what you have to say. They’re waiting for you to have the courage to just start.

Stop worrying about whether the market is too crowded. Instead, ask yourself, who could I inspire if I had the courage to do what I love?



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