Your marriage will lose its magic. Don’t try to get it back.

Ken Reid
9 min readNov 20, 2018


“Space [and] science fiction still bore me.”

— Astronaut Frank Borman

My wife and I communicate in code when the kids are within earshot. And since we have a hard time spelling quickly out loud, our secret language is usually whispers or eye contact. So after dinner she gave me a look.

Translation: “Do you want to go on a walk before the kids go to bed?”

We have to use code because if the kids hear the question but the answer is no: ruckus.

We’ve gone on walks together since we were first married. It’s one of our favorite things. But our walks have morphed over time.

When we were first married it was just the two of us, strolling, holding hands, and talking about our day. A few years later it was me, her, and a happy little boy in a stroller. Now it’s me pushing a stroller with a little girl throwing her sparkly jelly shoes overboard, my son pleading with me to put the scooter he begged us to let him bring into the bottom of the same stroller because he just wants to walk now, and my wife telling him he’s not allowed to bring his scooter anymore.

Needless to say, there’s a lot less hand-holding on our walks these days.

Sometimes I look back and think about what marriage was like in year one, compared to how it looks today. It seems like almost over night marriage has become, well, normal.

The excitement has quieted and life is now routine. Our love hasn’t grown cold. It just looks different. A little more normal. A little more… boring?

And chances are you’ve either experienced this yourself, or you’re dreading the day when you do.

So as a guy who woke up one day into that reality, here’s how my boring marriage has become better than the goosebumps it replaced.

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The bored astronaut



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